Introducing: Maximum Intravesical Electro Stimulation

• simple • painless • effective • no side-effects •

A special catheter is inserted into the bladder either by the transurethral or suprapubic pathway. the design of its perforation avoids the direct contact of the electrode with the bladder mucosa.

Asecond electrode has to be mounted on the back (l4). Following the specification of F. Katona, A. Ebner and W. E. Kkaplan.

The quality of the current must be adjusted according to the changes in bladder function due to the therapy. For best results, the therapy should last about 15 minutes daily.
In order to achieve the warranted bladder filling volume, therapy should start not before one hour after the last micturition (detrusor instability), respectively after the last self catheterism (areflexia). Otherwise the bladder has to be filled as the concept describes.

Each electrotherapy should be preceded by a basic urodynamic examination.

Detrusan 500 (external Link)